Online Sociology Resources

Sociology Blogs

Blogs, websites, other potentially interesting time-wasters, teaching resources, casual reading, networking opportunities etc.

  • 21st Century Nomad
    This blog is designed to engage the reading public on critical sociological issues, and the first post, “The Nomad's Manifesto,” describes Nicki Lisa Cole's pursuit of public sociology, post-grad career path, and the intellectual linkages between these two things and consumerism.
  • Citings & Sightings
    Scanning the journals and tracking the media for the best in cutting edge social science, served up in a concise, snappy style.
  • Contexts Discoveries
    Contexts is a quarterly magazine that makes sociology interesting and relevant to anyone interested in how society operates. Note: CU Library has an electronic subscription to Contexts magazine that you can access through library web site.
  • Fringe Thoughts
    Blog by 3 sociologists and one economist, drawing on quote: “A journal … also encourages you to capture “fringe thoughts”: various ideas which may be by-products of everyday life, snatches of conversation overheard on the street, or, for that matter, dreams. Once noted, these may lead to more systematic thinking, as well as lend intellectual relevance to more directed experience.” C.Wright Mills. 1952
  • Graphic Sociology
    Analyzing the visual presentation of social data. Each post takes a chart, table, interactive graphic or other display of sociologically relevant data and evaluates the success of the graphic.
  • Office Hours
    Conversations with top social scientists about their research and the social world.
  • Sexuality & Society
    Sexuality & Society explores relationships between social institutions, cultural practices, sexual health, and sexual policy.
  • the Society Pages
    This site has interesting current event postings with social science commentary and links to other wikis using visual sociology, or links to “Office Hours”–iTunes discussions with top social scientists.
  • Sociological Images
    This is a great blog with lots of up to date info, short articles, and great graphics that can be borrowed for powerpoints!
  • Sociology Improv
    Podcast with sociologically-informed discussion of the news of the day
  • ThickCulture
    A multi-disciplinary blog about what makes cultures “thick”: public discourse, multiculturalism, technology, and civic engagement.

Video Sites

Free Documentaries

This Week in Sociology: Connecting Your Classroom to the World
Sociology-Specific Blog with featured videos that are appropriate for use in classes.
LinkTV Independent from Corporate media, some streaming content/documentaries.|TED: Ideas Worth Spreading
This site has many interesting and well-known speakers across a huge spectrum of topics.
Their presentations are usually 20 minutes or less.
It is free to watch and use, and has many possible presentations that would be relevant for sociology courses.

Videos on people, issues, and ideas changing the planet.
I have found lectures on here by authors that students are reading to use in the classroom.

Journeyman TV
“Journeyman Pictures is London's leading independent distributor of topical news features, documentaries and footage. We're like a video encyclopedia of the world.”

Frontline, Nova, American Experience and other free featured programs that can be used for class. The American Experience series has a video on “My Lai” if anyone uses the article on that topic-might tie in well.

Snag Films
Free movies and documentaries streaming online.

Free streaming movies and documentaries, select free television shows. this may be a good choice if you saw something on TV that you want to use as an example.

Fancast/Xfinity TV
Comcast's free streaming content, has some television shows and some free movies and documentaries. Other content is subscription only.

ABC News
ABC news clips can be watched here.

CBS News
CBS posts news clips to watch online here.

YouTube University Social Science
YouTube pretty much goes without saying as a source for video clips, but there are also channels specifically for social science on YouTube that might help you find something relevant. Here is one.

Zocalo Public Square
This website has streaming video of speakers, often talks are fairly long but can be excerpted (their YouTube channel often has shorter <10 min excerpts) They say: “We believe that over specialization and narrowcasting undermine the public square and are committed to welcoming a new, young and diverse generation to the conversation.” and “In our eight years, we have featured over 800 compelling thinkers and doers from a wide range of fields—politics, governance, humanities, health, economics, education, technology, foreign policy, arts, science and beyond—who explore how we see and relate to one another, be it locally, regionally, nationally, or globally.”


Data/Poll Sites

Pew Research
Nonpartisan “fact tank”: Interesting stats, reports, visuals.

Gallup research includes economics, healthcare, migration, well-being, governmental decisions (domestic and international), unemployment, gender equality, race relations, religion, media, social issues such as drugs, smoking, gun laws, death penalty.

Patchwork Nation
Tons of interactive data on the U.S. at many levels of analysis.

Statistical Abstract of the U.S. This is a link to the U.S. Statistical Abstract released by the Census. This source is referenced in Joel Best's books about statistical literacy as a way to check benchmark figures.