Patricia Adler

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Qualitative & Interpretive Sociology
Crime and Deviance
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By appointment only; Tues 3:00 - 5:00pm, Thurs 1:00 - 2:00pm
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Associate Chair for Undergraduate Program

Patricia A. Adler (Ph.D. University of California, San Diego, 1984) is Professor of Sociology. Dr. Adler is a leading qualitative sociologist who edited the Journal of Contemporary Ethnography for eight years and whose work has been widely included in collections of ethnographic methods published over the last 20 years. Her major research projects have focused on the hedonism and materialism of upper-level drug traffickers, the socialization and role conflict of Division I college athletes, the identity dynamics and peer culture of preadolescents, the occupational culture and lifestyle of Hawaiian resort workers, and the social transformation and hidden subcultures of self-injurers. Her qualitative specialties are depth participant observation, unstructured life-history interviewing, and cyber research, with particular emphasis on inductive theoretical analysis. Professor Adler regularly teaches the seminars on Qualitative Methods and Qualitative Analysis.

deviance, field research, socialization and youth, sociology of drugs, sociology of leisure and work, sociology of sport

Classical Sociological Thought (graduate), Contemporary Sociological Thought (graduate), Deviant Behavior, Field Research Methods (graduate and undergraduate), Ethnographic Analysis (graduate), and Ethnographic Writing (graduate).


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Articles in Refereed Journals
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